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Table 4 RRAM devices exhibiting multiple resistance states

From: Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM): an Overview of Materials, Switching Mechanism, Performance, Multilevel Cell (mlc) Storage, Modeling, and Applications

ReferenceRRAM deviceResistance statesMethod used
[22]W/ HfO2/ Zr/ TiN4 states: 1HRS, 3LRSVarying Vreset
[23]TiN/ HfO2/ Pt8 states: 7HRS, 1LRSVarying Vreset
[27]Ti/ TiN/ TiO 2−x/ Au6 states: 1HRS, 5LRSVarying Icc
[29]Ti/ TiO 2−x/ Au7 states: 1HRS, 6LRSVarying Icc
[32]Pt/ TaO x/ TiN4 states: 1HRS, 3LRSVarying Icc
[36]W/ Ta/ TaO x/ Pt8 states: 1HRS, 7LRSVarying Icc
[41]Ag/ a-Zno/ Pt6 states: 1HRS, 5LRSVarying Icc
[43]Au/ Zno/ ITO4 states: 1HRS, 3LRSVarying Icc
[47]ITO/ Zn2TiO4/ Pt4 states: 1HRS, 3LRSVarying Icc
[89]Au/Ti/ TiO 2−x/Au6 states: 1HRS, 5LRSVarying Icc
[83]TiN/ HfO x/AlO x/ Pt4 states: 3HRS, 1LRSVarying Vreset
[122]Ru/ Ta2O5/TiO2/ Ru4 states: 3HRS, 1LRSVarying Vreset
[124]Pt/W/ TaO x/ Pt8 states: 7HRS, 1LRSVarying Vreset