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Table 1 DNA translocation speed with some DNA control method

From: Controlling DNA Translocation Through Solid-state Nanopores

Control methodAdvantagesDisadvantagesDNA translocation speed (bp/ms)
Two nanopores systemContinuous collection of signals, high signal-to-noise ratio, low costDifficulty of mass-controlled manufacturing~ 1429 [37]
Optical trap nanoporeLabel-free, parallel detectionDifficulty of mass-controlled manufacturing
Optical tweezersThree-dimensional controlCannot realize parallel detection, the heating impact~ 150 [52]
Magnetic tweezersMassively parallel detectionForce hysteresis~ 10 [49]
AFMEasy to control with less than 10 nm resolutionEffect of probe on nanopores~ 0.06 [50]
TFFSFaster scan motion, high force sensitivityEffect of probe on nanopores~ 1 [57]
~ 10 [51]
Si probeNo need for nanopores addressingAdjacent DNA affects accuracy~ 0.1 [32]