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Table 4 The lifetime data and the parameter generated using a time-correlated single-photon counting technique involving a triple-exponential fitting function while monitoring the emission with 760 nm of wavelength under TPE

From: Water-Soluble Fullerenol with Hydroxyl Group Dependence for Efficient Two-Photon Excited Photodynamic Inactivation of Infectious Microbes

 3 exp fitting model: (a0*exp(a1x) + a2*exp(a3x) + a4*exp(a5x) + a6)Lifetime1Lifetime2Lifetime3Average lifetime (ns)
C60(OH)46112.448− 6.690571089.64− 0.56349624.637− 0.05082− 291.8970.1494641.7746719.679077.796924026
C60(OH)21112.968− 1.00006156.714− 0.28551129.934− 0.09045− 5.902980.999943.5024811.055335.250821264
  1. The parameters were obtained from the iterative reconvolution of the decay with the instrument response function