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Table 1 Comparison with the current detection methods

From: Detection of microRNA-335-5p on an Interdigitated Electrode Surface for Determination of the Severity of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

MethodMeasurementMeasurement modeAccuracyAccuracy modeRef.
Interdigitated electrode0–2 V (current-volt)ImmunosensingAt low picomolarDose-dependent analysis[33]
Ultrasonic transducer40 kHzOscillator2 to 400 cmDistance traveled[34]
Telemetric pressure95–130 mmHgIntra-aortic pressure10 cmTransmission range[35]
Telemetric pressure133 kHzOperating frequency120 mmTransmission range[36]
Wireless pressure10–20 MHzOperating frequency40.27 kHz/mmHgResonant frequency[37]
Interdigitated electrode microwave24 GHzOperating frequency200 MHz and 4 GHzFrequency[38]
Interdigitated electrode0–2 V (current-volt)Duplex formationAt low femtomolarDose-dependent analysisCurrent work