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Table 2 Mass per amu of CpZr(NMe2)3 main thermal decomposition product and its fragment

From: Thermal Decomposition In Situ Monitoring System of the Gas Phase Cyclopentadienyl Tris(dimethylamino) Zirconium (CpZr(NMe2)3) Based on FT-IR and QMS for Atomic Layer Deposition

Mass/amu Decomposition product
1 Hydron
2 Hydrogen
15 Methyl
16 Methane
22 Methylmethyleneimine fragment
28 N-ethylmethanimine fragment
30 Trimethylamine fragment
43 Methylmethyleneimine
44 Tetramethylhydrazine fragment
45 Dimethylamine
57 N-ethylmethanimine
59 Trimethylamine
65 Cyclopentadienyl
88 Tetramethylhydrazine