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Table 1 Summary of physical and chemical characterization of Na-montmorillonite clay (SWy-3) [40]

From: Nano-clays as Potential Pseudo-antibodies for COVID-19

Source Chemical formula Other minerals Surface area N2 (m2/g) CEC (meq/100 g) Exchangeable cations Octahedral charge Tetrahedral charge Interlayer charge Zeta potential (ZP), (mV) γs- Water affinity Interaction energy, (AB) Interaction energy (vdW) Interaction energy (total) Flocculation/dispersion in water
Crook County, WY USA (Na,Ca)0.33(Al,Mg)2(Si4O10) 5% silica 31.82 76.4 Na, Ca − 0.53 − 0.02 − 0.55 − 31.9 44.6 Hydrophilic /polar 22,400 − 730 22800 Dispersion