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Table 3 Pesticide nanocapsules prepared using natural and synthetic polymer

From: Application of Nanotechnology in Wood-Based Products Industry: A Review

Polymer Co-polymer Pesticides Encapsulation method References
Alginate Chitosan Acetamiprid Ionic pregelation and polyelectrolyte complexation [210]
Alginate Poly(vinyl alcohol) Imidachoprid Emulsion cross-linking [191]
Chitosan Poly(methyl methacrylate) Tebuconazole Amphiphilic self-assembling [211]
Starch Acrylic acid, methyl methacrylate Carbendazem Solution polymerisation [212]
Silica Cellulose nanofibrils Tebuconazole [213]
Polyethyleneimine Sodium benzoate Interfacial polymerisation [214]
Polyvinylpyridine Styrene Tebuconazole and chlorothalonil Impregnation method [18]
Hollow silica Tebuconazole Miniemulsion [215]