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Table 1 Comparison of the enzyme-free glucose biosensors based on MoS2 nanocomposites

From: Enzyme-Free Glucose Biosensors Based on MoS2 Nanocomposites

Sensing materialsApplied potential (V vs. Ag/AgCl)Linear range (mM)Detection limitSensitivity (μA mM−1 cm−2)Response time (s)Reference
Cu-MoS2 hybrid0.650–41055[26]
Ni-MoS2 hybrid0–40.31 μM1824< 2[27]
AuNPs/MoS20.930.00005–0.15 nM2[24]
MoS2 microflowers0.350–30570.71[25]
MoS2-Au/Pt0.60.01–19.070.39 mM142.68[35]
Au-Pd/MoS20.30.5–200.40 mM184.9[5]
Ni-MoS2 /rGO0.550.005–8.22.7 μM256.6< 2[30]
AgNPs/MoS20.310.0001–10.03 μM9044.6[28]
Cu2O/MoS20.40.01–4.01.0 μM3108.87< 2[39]
Bilayer MoS230–300300 nM260.75< 1[40]
MoS2-PPY-AuNPs0.450.1–80 nM0.08 nM37.35< 2[38]
Co@MoS2/CNTs0.6580 nM131.694.5[34]