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Table 1 The PANI load rate of fiber balls

From: Synthesis of Polyaniline Coating on the Modified Fiber Ball and Application for Cr(VI) Removal

  Sample-1 Sample-2 Sample-3 Sample-4
m0 (g) 4.3030 3.5680 3.6771 3.7177
m1 (g) 4.5565 3.7725 3.8735 3.8214
η1 (%) 5.89 5.73 5.34 2.79
Average η1 (%) 5.65 /
  1. m0 represents the mass of modified and unmodified fiber ball, m1 represents the mass of samples after cleaned by deionized water in ultrasonic washing units for several times, η1 represents the load rate of PANI