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Table 1 Parameters of the MD simulation model

From: Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Cutting Mechanism in the Hybrid Machining Process of Single-Crystal Silicon

Parameters Value
Length l 108.6 nm
Height h 70.6 nm
Width w 4.3 nm
Nominal cutting direction (001)/[\(\stackrel{\mathrm{-}}{1}\)00]
Tool rake/clearance angle 0°/10°
Total atoms in workpiece 1,327,001
Phase difference φ 90°
Amplitude in the nominal cutting direction Ac 40 nm
Amplitude in the DOC direction Ad 40 nm
Nominal DOC 40 nm
Vibration frequency f 500 MHz
Nominal cutting speed 3.125 m/s
Tool edge radius 7.14 nm
Ambient temperature 300 K, 600 K, 900 K, 1200 K
Timestep 1 fs