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Table 1 2NN MEAM potential parameters for the Cu-Pd system [26]. Ec, re, and B are cohesive energy, equilibrium nearest-neighbor distance and bulk modulus of B2 CuPd alloy

From: Effects of Anisotropy and In-Plane Grain Boundary in Cu/Pd Multilayered Films with Cube-on-Cube and Twinned Interface

Parameter Ec (eV) re (Å) B (GPA) d Cu–Pd–Cu Pd–Cu–Pd Cu–Cu–Pd Pd–Pd–Cu
Cmin Cmax Cmin Cmax Cmin Cmax Cmin Cmax
Value 3.725 2.593 106.2 0.05 0.65 1.44 0.78 1.44 1.44 2.8 1.44 2.8