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Table 1 List of nanomedicines for cancer therapy approved by FDA [156,157,158,159]

From: Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy: Current Progress and Challenges

Tradename Material Drug Company Indication Year(s) approved
Doxil® Liposome-PEG Doxorubicin Janssen MBC, metastatic ovarian cancer 1995
Eligard® PLGA Leuprolide acetate Tolmar Prostate Cancer 2002
Abraxane® Albumin Paclitaxel Celgene Metastatic breast cancer 2005
Genexol PM® mPEG-PLA Paclitaxel Samyang Corporation Metastatic breast cancer 2007
Onivyde® Liposome Irinotecan Merrimack Pancreatic cancer 2015