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Table 2 AuNP-based formulations approved for clinical trials by FDA. Adapted from [19, 32]

From: Multifunctional Gold Nanoparticles for Improved Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications: A Review

AuNP formulation Condition or disease Properties of the metallic NPs NCT number
Aurrimune Late stage pancreatic, breast, colon, melanoma, sarcoma and lung cancer 27 nm AuNPs core loaded with TNF-α and PEG NCT00356980 NCT00436410
Aurolase Refractory and/or recurrent tumors for head and neck cancer
Primary and/or metastatic lung tumors
150 nm silica-gold nanoshells coated with PEG NCT00848042
Sebacia Microparticles Acne vulgaris 150 nm silica-gold nanoshells coated with PEG NCT02219074
C19-A3 GNP peptide Type 1 diabetes AuNPs with peptide fragment related to insulin NCT02837094
NU-0129 Gliosarcoma   
Recurrent glioblastoma AuNPs with nucleic acid NCT03020017  
NANOM-FIM Stable angina
Heart failure
Multivessel coronary artery disease Silica- AuNPs vs AuNPs with silica–iron oxide shells with photothermic burning or melting effect onto the lesion NCT01270139  
Nano Care Gold Cavity pre-treatment in Caries class Ii AgNPs and AuNPs in 70% isopropyl alcohol NCT03669224
Exhaled Breath Olfactory Signature (Artificial Nose) Pulmonary hypertension AuNPs coated with organic ligands as sensor array for detection of volatile organic compounds in breath of patients NCT02782026
Na-nose Gastric diseases Functionalized AuNPs and carbon nanotubes nanosensor arrays NCT01420588
Nanomedical Artificial Olfactory System Parkinson’s disease
Functionalized AuNPs and carbon nanotubes nanosensor arrays NCT01246336