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Table 1 Technical specifications of viscometer device

From: Experimental Study of Rheological Behavior of MWCNT-Al2O3/SAE50 Hybrid Nanofluid to Provide the Best Nano-lubrication Conditions

Specification CAP 2000 + 
Inlet Voltage 115–230 V
Inlet Frequency 50–60 Hz
Power consumption Less than 345 V
Torque range 18,100 rpm
Speed 5–1000 rpm
Temperature 5–55 ˚C
Material Conical spindles and thermal plates are made from tungsten carbide and the sample holder is made from Teflon
Impact of environmental factors CAP 2000 + Viscometer needs to work in bellow conditions:
Environmental temperature: 5–20 ˚C
Humidity: 20–80%