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Table 3 Diverse synthesis routes for silica nanoparticles and their applications

From: A Brief Review of Carbon Dots–Silica Nanoparticles Synthesis and their Potential Use as Biosensing and Theragnostic Applications

Synthesis method Biosensing/theragnostic References
Solgel Chemically reactive surface and FITC encapsulation for potential bioimaging device [102]
Modified Stöber Fluorescent silica nanoparticle for high-resolution STED and confocal microscopy [103]
Modified Stöber Fluorescent silica nanoparticles for cervical cancer cell line imaging [85]
Inverse microemulsion Gene delivery [104]
Modified Stöber Chemical sensing [105]
Ultrasonication solgel Drug delivery and gene delivery [106]
Modified Stöber Targeted cell imaging [107]
Inverse microemulsion Leukocyte counting with a sheath-flow-free microchip flow cytometer [108]