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Table 6 Diverse synthesis routes for hybrid carbon dot/silica/magnetic nanoparticles and bioapplications

From: A Brief Review of Carbon Dots–Silica Nanoparticles Synthesis and their Potential Use as Biosensing and Theragnostic Applications

CD synthesis method Synthesis method for magnetic nanoparticles Synthesis method for silica–magnetic nanoparticles Biosensing/theragnostic References
Organosilane pyrolysis High-pressure hydrothermal Solgel/surfactant template Potential bioimaging sensor [253]
Hydrothermal Solvothermal method Solgel/surfactant template Drug delivery, fluorescence, and MRI [230]
Hydrothermal Coprecipitation method Solgel Fluorescence sensing, magnetic separation, and live cell imaging of fluoride ions [254]
Hydrothermal Solvothermal method Reverse microemulsion/molecularly imprinted polymer 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol (TNP) detection [255]
Calcination Calcination Solgel/surfactant template and calcination Fluorescence and magnetic contrast agent for in vivo and in vitro applications [130]
Diverse synthesis routes for hybrid carbon dot/silica/gold nanorod nanoparticles and bioapplications
CD synthesis method Synthesis method for gold nanorods Synthesis method for silica-gold nanorods Biosensing/theragnostic Reference
One-step hydrothermal method Seed-mediated growth method Solgel Atherosclerosis detection [256]