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  1. Nano Express

    Morphology, Structure, and Optical Properties of Semiconductor Films with GeSiSn Nanoislands and Strained Layers

    The dependences of the two-dimensional to three-dimensional growth (2D-3D) critical transition thickness on the composition for GeSiSn films with a fixed Ge content and Sn content from 0 to 16% at the growth t...

    Vyacheslav Timofeev, Alexandr Nikiforov, Artur Tuktamyshev, Vladimir Mashanov, Michail Yesin and Aleksey Bloshkin

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:29

    Published on: 19 January 2018

  2. Nano Idea

    Experimental Study of 5-fluorouracil Encapsulated Ethosomes Combined with CO2 Fractional Laser to Treat Hypertrophic Scar

    This study is designed to explore permeability of ethosomes encapsulated with 5-florouracil (5-FU) mediated by CO2 fractional laser on hypertrophic scar tissues. Moreover, therapeutic and duration effect of CO2 f...

    Zhen Zhang, Jun Chen, Jun Huang, Yan Wo, Yixin Zhang and Xiangdong Chen

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:26

    Published on: 18 January 2018

  3. Nano Express

    Photocatalytic activity of attapulgite–TiO2–Ag3PO4 ternary nanocomposite for degradation of Rhodamine B under simulated solar irradiation

    An excellent ternary composite photocatalyst consisting of silver orthophosphate (Ag3PO4), attapulgite (ATP), and TiO2 was synthesized, in which heterojunction was formed between dissimilar semiconductors to prom...

    Hongcai He, Zhuolin Jiang, Zhaoling He, Tao Liu, Enzhu Li and Bao-Wen Li

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:28

    Published on: 18 January 2018

  4. Nano Express

    Platycodon saponins from Platycodi Radix (Platycodon grandiflorum) for the Green Synthesis of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles

    A green synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles is described in the present report using platycodon saponins from Platycodi Radix (Platycodon grandiflorum) as reducing agents. Platycodin D (PD), a major triter...

    Yoonho Choi, Sehyeon Kang, Song-Hyun Cha, Hyun-Seok Kim, Kwangho Song, You Jeong Lee, Kyeongsoon Kim, Yeong Shik Kim, Seonho Cho and Youmie Park

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:23

    Published on: 17 January 2018

  5. Nano Express

    Fabrication of SrGe2 thin films on Ge (100), (110), and (111) substrates

    Semiconductor strontium digermanide (SrGe2) has a large absorption coefficient in the near-infrared light region and is expected to be useful for multijunction solar cells. This study firstly demonstrates the for...

    T. Imajo, K. Toko, R. Takabe, N. Saitoh, N. Yoshizawa and T. Suemasu

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:22

    Published on: 16 January 2018

  6. Nano Express

    Effects of Asymmetric Local Joule Heating on Silicon Nanowire-Based Devices Formed by Dielectrophoresis Alignment Across Pt Electrodes

    We demonstrate the fabrication and characterization of silicon nanowire-based devices in metal-nanowire-metal configuration using direct current dielectrophoresis. The current-voltage characteristics of the de...

    Hsiang-Hsi Ho, Chun-Lung Lin, Wei-Che Tsai, Liang-Zheng Hong, Cheng-Han Lyu and Hsun-Feng Hsu

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:21

    Published on: 16 January 2018

  7. Nano Idea

    Study on the Multi-level Resistance-Switching Memory and Memory-State-Dependent Photovoltage in Pt/Nd:SrTiO3 Junctions

    Pt/Nd:SrTiO3 (STO)/In devices were fabricated by depositing Schottky-contact Pt and Ohmic-contact In electrodes on a single crystal STO with Nd doping. The Pt/Nd:STO/In devices show multi-level resistance-switchi...

    Shengkai Wang, Xianwen Sun, Guanghui Li, Caihong Jia, Guoqiang Li and Weifeng Zhang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:18

    Published on: 12 January 2018

  8. Nano Express

    Facile Synthesis of Wormhole-Like Mesoporous Tin Oxide via Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly and the Enhanced Gas-Sensing Properties

    Wormhole-like mesoporous tin oxide was synthesized via a facile evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) method, and the gas-sensing properties were evaluated for different target gases. The effect of calcinat...

    Xiaoyu Li, Kang Peng, Yewei Dou, Jiasheng Chen, Yue Zhang and Gai An

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:14

    Published on: 11 January 2018

  9. Nano Express

    Nucleoside-Lipid-Based Nanocarriers for Sorafenib Delivery

    Although the application of sorafenib, a small inhibitor of tyrosine protein kinases, to cancer treatments remains a worldwide option in chemotherapy, novel strategies are needed to address the low water solub...

    Sebastien Benizri, Ludivine Ferey, Bruno Alies, Naila Mebarek, Gaelle Vacher, Ananda Appavoo, Cathy Staedel, Karen Gaudin and Philippe Barthélémy

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:17

    Published on: 11 January 2018

  10. Nano Express

    Sequentially Vapor-Grown Hybrid Perovskite for Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells

    High-quality and reproducible perovskite layer fabrication routes are essential for the implementation of efficient planar solar cells. Here, we introduce a sequential vapor-processing route based on physical ...

    Won-Gyu Choi, Dong-Won Kang, Sungjae Na, Chan-Gyu Park, Fatma Pinar Gokdemir and Taeho Moon

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:9

    Published on: 11 January 2018

  11. Nano Express

    Mesoporous Nickel Oxide (NiO) Nanopetals for Ultrasensitive Glucose Sensing

    Glucose sensing properties of mesoporous well-aligned, dense nickel oxide (NiO) nanostructures (NSs) in nanopetals (NPs) shape grown hydrothermally on the FTO-coated glass substrate has been demonstrated. The ...

    Suryakant Mishra, Priyanka Yogi, P. R. Sagdeo and Rajesh Kumar

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:16

    Published on: 11 January 2018

  12. Nano Express

    Atomic-Layer-Deposition of Indium Oxide Nano-films for Thin-Film Transistors

    Atomic-layer-deposition (ALD) of In2O3 nano-films has been investigated using cyclopentadienyl indium (InCp) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as precursors. The In2O3 films can be deposited preferentially at relative...

    Qian Ma, He-Mei Zheng, Yan Shao, Bao Zhu, Wen-Jun Liu, Shi-Jin Ding and David Wei Zhang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2018 13:4

    Published on: 9 January 2018

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