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Transformation of β-Ni(OH)2to NiO nano-sheets via surface nanocrystalline zirconia coating: Shape and size retention


Shape and size of the synthesized NiO nano-sheets were retained during transformation of sheet-like β-Ni(OH)2to NiO at elevated temperatures via nano-sized zirconia coating on the surface of β-Ni(OH)2. The average grain size was 6.42 nm after 600 °C treatment and slightly increased to 10 nm after 1000 °C treatment, showing effective sintering retardation between NiO nano-sheets. The excellent thermal stability revealed potential application at elevated temperatures, especially for high temperature catalysts and solid-state electrochemical devices.



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The authors thank National Science Council (NSC-94-2120-M-011-002 and NSC-94-2214-E-011-010, Taiwan, R.O.C.) and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for financial supports. FEG-TEM support from Institute of Material Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University is also acknowledged.

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