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Figure 3

From: Scanned Probe Oxidation onp-GaAs(100) Surface with an Atomic Force Microscopy

Figure 3

(a) Voltage waveform applied to the GaAs surface with respect to the AFM probe when performing an oxidation under AC conditions: T ox is the time as the oxidation is being performed (the voltage applied to the sample is V ox), and T res is the rest time (the voltage applied is V res); (b) the comparison of the oxide height and AFM images of oxide dots by the two different types of AFM tip under DC and AC conditions, right (DC voltage of 8 V and total time = 30 s) and left (AC voltage, T ox = T res = 50 ms,V ox = 8 V,V res = −8 V and total time = 60 s), at the relative humidity of 55%

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