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Table 1 Synthesis details and conditions for the preparation of silica nanospheres

From: A Facile Strategy for In Situ Core-Template-Functionalizing Siliceous Hollow Nanospheres for Guest Species Entrapment

Series Polymera Divalent metal ion Ultrasonicationb Ageing time (min) Microstructurec
No. 1 PA2.5 Ca or Sr US 5, 12, 20 Hollow
No. 2 PA2.5 Ca or Sr No US 20 Hollow and bulk
No. 3 PA2.5 US 20 Bulk
No. 4 PAsp5 Ca or Sr US 20 Hollow
No. 5 Gelatin Ca or Sr US 20 Hollow
No. 6 No US 20 Bulk
  1. aPA2.5:Mwca. 2.5 KDa, 30 wt%; Getalin:Mwca. 75 KDa, 10 wt%; PAsp5:Mw5.0 KDa, 30 wt%
  2. bThe reactions with and without the assistance of ultrasonication (US) condition were denoted as US and no US, respectively
  3. cThe microstructures of silica particles were characterized by using transmission electron microscopy