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Figure 2

From: Synergistic Effect of Functionalized Nickel Nanoparticles and Quercetin on Inhibition of the SMMC-7721 Cells Proliferation

Figure 2

Morphological images of SMMC-7721 cells treated with or without Ni nanoparticles. The SMMC-7721 cells grown on coverlips were treated with different concentrations of Ni nanoparticles for 72 h, respectively. The cancer cells were washed with PBS, fixed in methanol, stained with Wright’s solution and then photographed (original magnification, 200).a SMMC-7721 cells without Ni nanoparticles (control experiment);b SMMC-7721 cells treated with 3.13 μg/mL of Ni nanoparticles;c SMMC-7721 cells treated with 12.5 μg/mL of Ni nanoparticles, andd SMMC-7721 cells treated with 50 μg/mL of Ni nanoparticles.Bar 10 μm

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