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Figure 1

From: Phosphor-Free Apple-White LEDs with Embedded Indium-Rich Nanostructures Grown on Strain Relaxed Nano-epitaxy GaN

Figure 1

Cross-section and plane view SEM images of GaN undergoing anodization to generate nano-ELO GaN structures. a SEM image of the anodized alumina oxide on GaN coated with a SiO2 film b SEM image after FIB to expose the transfer of the self-ordered patterned site on SiO2 film with subsequent growth of GaN pillars from these nanopores on SiO2c re-growth of a thin buffer GaN on the nanopores SiO2 film d Lateral overgrowth to generate strain relaxed GaN template for subsequent growth of the multiple quantum wells and LEDs structures

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