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Table 1 Experimental and calculated values for the lattice parameters of the SnO2, CrO2, and of the (CrO2)1(SnO2)1 and (CrO2)10(SnO2)10 SLs in the rutile structure

From: Electronic and magnetic properties of SnO2/CrO2 thin superlattices

  a(Å) c/a u
SnO2 4.737a 0.673a 0.307a
  4.839b 0.670b 0.306b
CrO2 4.421c 0.6596c 0.301c
  4.455d 0.6569d 0.304d
(CrO2)1(SnO2)1 4.625d 0.658d -
(CrO2)10(SnO2)10 4.640d 6.546d -
  1. a[8]; b[9]; c[10]; dthis work