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Figure 4

From: Growth of carbon nanowalls at atmospheric pressure for one-step gas sensor fabrication

Figure 4

TEM characterization of CNWs. (a) A CNW sheet supported on a Cu grid. Electron diffraction from the CNW is shown as an inset. (b) The areas of a CNW with different thicknesses and wrinkles. (c) and (d) HRTEM images showing the edges of CNW film consisting of one, and five graphene layers, respectively. (d corresponds to the area defined by the white box in b). (e) HRTEM iamge of a CNW sheet with two well-crytallined regions (arrowed). The diffractogram (the inset) is from the red-squared region in (e). (f) A filtered image of the squared region in (e). (g) The intensity profile along the red dashed line in (f).

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