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Figure 5

From: High-quality reduced graphene oxide-nanocrystalline platinum hybrid materials prepared by simultaneous co-reduction of graphene oxide and chloroplatinic acid

Figure 5

XPS spectra of GO, RGO-Pt-7, and RGO-Pt-10: (a) survey scan, high-resolution scan in the (b) O 1 s region, (c) C 1 s region, and (d) Pt 4f region; C 1 s XPS spectra of: (e) RGO-Pt-10, (f) RGO-Pt-7, and (g) GO indicate oxidation with three major components that correspond to carbon atoms in different functional groups: the sp 2-hybridized C-C, the C in C-OH bonds, and the carboxylate carbon.

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