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Table 1 Average rates of H2 evolution over Pt-loaded MS/ZnIn2S4.

From: Solar light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over ZnIn2S4 loaded with transition-metal sulfides

Content of MS Rate of hydrogen evolution
ZnIn2S4 0 126.7
SnS/ZnIn2S4 0.5% 115.4
SnS/ZnIn2S4 1.0% 129.7
SnS/ZnIn2S4 2.0% 127.1
CuS/ZnIn2S4 0.5% 181.4
CuS/ZnIn2S4 1.0% 201.7
CuS/ZnIn2S4 2.0% 139.4
  1. The average rates of H2 evolution over Pt-loaded MS/ZnIn2S4 (MS = metal sulfide: SnS and CuS) under solar light irradiation in the initial 20-h period