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Table 1 Summary of post-growth nitridation conditions for the conversion of In2O3 NWs to InN.

From: An investigation into the conversion of In2O3 into InN nanowires

(I) T N (°C) (II) t(h) (III) %H2
CVD797 500°C CVD850 500°C, 3 h CVD855 10
CVD788 600°C CVD853 500°C, 6 h CVD856 20
CVD790 800°C CVD795 600°C, 1 h CVD857 40
CVD791 900°C CVD849 600°C, 2 h CVD859 80
   CVD848 600°C, 3 h   
  1. Initially a flow of 500 sccm of Ar was introduced into the reactor after which the temperature was ramped to T N at 30°C/min under a flow of (I) 250 sccm of NH3, (II) 125 scmms of NH3 and (III) under different flows of NH3 and H2, but keeping the total flow constant at 200 sccm. Upon reaching T N, the same flows were maintained for 1 h at various temperatures (I), different nitridation times at 500 and 600°C (II) and for 1 h at 500°C (III).