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Figure 7

From: CMOS-compatible dense arrays of Ge quantum dots on the Si(001) surface: hut cluster nucleation, atomic structure and array life cycle during UHV MBE growth

Figure 7

A structure of hut facets: (a) a structural model of the {105} facet of hut clusters derived from the plots given in Figs. 5 and 6 corresponds to the PD (pairs of dimers) model [39], SA and SB are commonly adopted designations of the monoatomic steps [45]: atoms situated on higher terraces are shown by larger circles. (b) The schematic of the facet superimposed on its STM image (4.3 × 4.4 nm, U s = +3.0 V, I t = 100 pA): the [100] direction is parallel to the corresponding base side, the steps rise from the lower right to the upper left corner.

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