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Figure 6

From: Long-term oxidization and phase transition of InN nanotextures

Figure 6

Morphology of InN nanostructures grown on Si [100] substrate, indicating coexistence of the crystal line InN, In 2 O 3 and the amorphous oxynitride In-O y -N x phases. (a) 5-nm crystal domains (A), 40-nm crystal domains (C), amorphous oxynitride phase (E), boundary between amorphous and crystal phase (F). (b) Crystal cubic In2O3 nanodomains. In the inset, the FFT images are indicated. The crystal In2O3 nanostructure within the circle (B) is 25 nm wide. The In2O3 crystal nanostructures are rotated with respect to each other (D).

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