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Table 1 Atomic structure parameters of bulk SiO2, clean SiO2(0001) surface, and graphene/SiO2(0001) interface

From: Density functional theory calculations on graphene/α-SiO2(0001) interface

Measurement Bulk SiO2 Clean SiO2 slab Graphene/SiO2 (structure A)
d0 (Å)    2.820
d1 (Å) 1.798 1.685 1.619
l0 (Å) 1.596 1.620 1.616
α1 (°) 146.529 137.140 135.932
lC-C (Å)    1.430
  1. d1 is the distance between the first and the second Si atom layers; l0 is the length of Si-O bond on the surface or interface; α1 is the value of the Si-O-Si angle; lC-C is the average bond length of C-C.