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Figure 4 | Nanoscale Research Letters

Figure 4

From: Structure of Co-2 × 2 nanoislands grown on Ag/Ge(111)-√3 × √3 surface studied by scanning tunneling microscopy

Figure 4

Schematic diagrams of Co-(11-20) crystallographic planes. (a) Array of parallelogram-shaped Co-1 × 1 unit cells. Direction of row shift is marked with arrows. (b) Array of rectangular Co-1 × 1 unit cells. (c) Array of parallelogram Co-2 × 2 unit cells against a background of Co-1 × 1 lattice. The filled circles refer to electron clouds of groups of six neighboring atoms, while the open circle corresponds to a group of four neighboring atoms. Two different directions for the island growth are marked with numbered arrows.

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