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Figure 5

From: Dynamic screening of a localized hole during photoemission from a metal cluster

Figure 5

Time evolution of the electronic density of the spherical cluster. The induced electronic density is shown close to the symmetry z-axis (ρ = 0.02 a.u.,z). The time evolves along the vertical axis. The color map shows the change in density in units of the background density n0. The color scale is limited to a maximum value of 20 in order to reveal the effects in the regions where the induced density is small. The induced density above this value is shown in green. The actual maximum value of the induced density is around 50 in units of background density. It corresponds to the small z region around the position of the hole. (a) shows the results of the TDDFT calculation of the complete system. In (b) the induced density is calculated as a sum of two contributions (see text for the explanation). Cluster parameters are r s = 4, N = 106, Rcl = 18.93 a.u. The velocity of the electron is constant and is equal to υ = 1 a.u. Insets: profile of the plot along the time axis at (ρ = 0.02 a.u., z = 0.2 a.u.).

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