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Table 2 Applications of QDs in labeling neurons and glia cells

From: Quantum dots: synthesis, bioapplications, and toxicity

Authors Type of QD used Application of QD
Dahan et al. [61] QD-GlyR Target neurons to investigate a specific neurophysiological process(QDs to track individual glycine receptors and analyze their lateral dynamics in the neuronal membrane)
Pathak et al. [106] Antibody-conjugated quantum dots Performed the specific labeling of neurons and glia cells
Vu et al. [110] Tagged nerve growth factor (βNGF) to QDs Investigate the QD nanostructure's potential to assess the neurite outgrowth
Sundara Rajan et al. [111] QD-anti-TrkA-TrkA receptor with transport by GFP Immobilized QDs were conjugated with NGF, activate Trk receptors, and initiate neuronal differentiation in PC12 cells.
Howarth et al. [112] Tagged cell surface proteins with a specific peptide (acceptor protein) that can be directly biotinylated as a target for streptavidin-conjugated quantum dots Specifically label and track AMPA receptors on cultured hippocampal neurons
Prasad et al. [113] Thioglycolic acid (TGA)-stabilized CdTe QDs Performed imaging of PC12 cells