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Table 1 Summary of SiNW arrays with varied diameters and porosities

From: Thermal conductivity in porous silicon nanowire arrays

  Diameter control Porosity control
Set 1 Nanosphere lithography Etching method and doping concentration
  davg 300 to 350 nm   Nonporous: DRIE
  VFDRIE = 21% to 23%   Low porosity: Ag/Au MACE
  VFMACE = 45% to 60%   Moderate porosity: Ag MACE, lightly doped
  High porosity: Ag MACE, heavily doped
Set 2 Silver salts MACE etchant solution
  davg 130 nm   Low porosity, 0.15 M H2O2
    VF = 26% to 35%   High porosity, 1.2 M H2O2