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Figure 2

From: The roles of integrin β1 in phenotypic maintenance and dedifferentiation in chondroid cells differentiated from human adipose-derived stem cells

Figure 2

AFM images of the nine groups. AFM images of ADS (A1-A5), 3DD (B1-B5), 6DD (C1-C5), 9DD (D1-D5), 12DD (E1-E5), 15DD (F1-F5), 18DD (G1-G5), 21DD (H1-H5) and NC (I1-I5). (A1-I1) AFM images (scanning area 70 × 70 μm2); (A2-I2) 3D images; (A3-I3) nanostructural images (scanning area 5 × 5 μm2); (A4-I4) 3D images of nanostructure; (A5-I5) histograms of the particles size extracted from images A4-I4, respectively.

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