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Figure 6 | Nanoscale Research Letters

Figure 6

From: Antireflective silicon nanostructures with hydrophobicity by metal-assisted chemical etching for solar cell applications

Figure 6

Hemispherical reflectance spectra and incidence-angle-dependent reflectance as function of AOI and wavelength of Si nanostructures. (a) Measured hemispherical reflectance spectra of the Si nanostructures fabricated using Si MaCE conditions with the HNO3, HF, and DI water volume ratios of (i) 5:1:20 v/v/v, (ii) 4:2:20 v/v/v, and (iii) 5:2:20 v/v/v at an etching temperature of 23°C. The insets show 45° tilted-view SEM images for the corresponding Si nanostructures. (b) Incidence-angle-dependent reflectance as a function of AOI and wavelength for the Si nanostructures fabricated using condition (i).

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