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Figure 3

From: The curious case of exploding quantum dots: anomalous migration and growth behaviors of Ge under Si oxidation

Figure 3

Growth kinetics of poly-Si 1- x Ge x oxidation and migration characteristics of Ge drew drops. (a) Growth kinetics of polycrystalline Si1-xGe x , single-crystalline Si, and Si3N4 oxidation at 900°C in H2O ambient. (b) The oxide thickness between the SiGe shell and the bottom of the lowest Ge dew drop as a function of additional oxidation time after Ge QDs encountering Si substrate. (c) The oxide thickness between the Ge dew drops as a function of the increased thickness of the oxide layer over the Si substrate. The error bars were determined by the extensive observation on more than 25 QDs for each data point.

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