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Table 1 NP size: correlation with photoprocess efficiency

From: Laser-induced growth of nanocrystals embedded in porous materials

Compound Mean NP size (nm) CW Mean NP size (nm) ns Mean NP size (nm) fs
Ag 10 to 20, ME   
CdS 4 to 8, HE 3 to 8a, LE 2 to 3, LE
Au 5 to 15, HE   20, HE
PbS 8 to 11, HE   4 to 8, HE
  1. aAccording to [24]: pore size, 7 nm, precursors Cd nitrate + ammonium thiocyanate.
  2. HE, high efficiency; ME, moderate efficiency; LE, low efficiency.