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Figure 1

From: Si-rich Al2O3 films grown by RF magnetron sputtering: structural and photoluminescence properties versus annealing treatment

Figure 1

Refractive index variation for Si-rich Al 2 O 3 , pure amorphous Si, and Al 2 O 3 films. (a) Refractive index variation for pure amorphous Si and Al2O3 films as well as Si-rich-Al2O3 samples with different Si content, x = 0.50 (1), 0.22 (2), and 0.05 (3). (b) Simulated variation of the refractive index, n, taken at 2 eV, versus Si content (x) in Si-rich Al2O3 (solid line). The circle symbols of this curve represent experimental n values, used for estimation of the x values.

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