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Table 1 Peptides detected on the surface of grafted HDPE and PLLA proved using mass spectrometry

From: Grafting of bovine serum albumin proteins on plasma-modified polymers for potential application in tissue engineering

Sample Accession Protein Mw(kDa) Peptides
HDPE ALBU BOVIN Serum albumin 69.2 21
FIBA BOVIN Fibrinogen alpha chain 67.0 11
APOA1 BOVIN Apolipoprotein A-I 30.3 15
CERU SHEEP Ceruloplasmin 119.1 11
ALBU_SHEEP Serum albumin 69.1 11
PLLA ALBU_BOVIN Serum albumin 69.2 21
CERU_SHEEP Ceruloplasmin 119.1 11
FIBA_BOVIN Fibrinogen alpha chain 67.0 9
APOA1_BOVIN Apolipoprotein A-I 30.3 10
  1. Detected peptides grafted on the HDPE and PLLA surfaces proved using mass spectrometry. The first five peptides were detected on HDPE and four on PLLA.