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Figure 1

From: Complex microstructures of ABC triblock copolymer thin films directed by polymer brushes based on self-consistent field theory

Figure 1

Morphologies of the ABC block copolymer thin film with L z =40 a . The microphase patterns, displayed in the form of density, are the red, green, and blue, assigned to A, B, and C, respectively. For some morphologies, the 3D isosurface graphs are also given for a clear view beside the morphologies. The red, green, and blue colors in isosurface graphs are assigned to blocks A, B, and C for a good correspondence, respectively. (a) Two-color parallel lamellar phase (LAM2ll), (b) two-color perpendicular lamellar phase (LAM2), (c) three-color parallel lamellar phase (LAM3ll), (d) three-color perpendicular lamellar phase (LAM3), (e) parallel lamellar phase with hexagonally packed pores at surfaces (LAM3ll-HFs), (f) core-shell hexagonally packed spherical phase (CSHS), (g) two-color parallel cylindrical phase (C2ll), (h) core-shell parallel cylindrical phase (CSC3ll), (i) perpendicular hexagonally packed cylindrical phase with rings at the interface (C2-RI), (j) perpendicular lamellar phase with cylinders at the interface (LAM-CI), (k) parallel lamellar phase with tetragonal pores (LAM3ll-TF), (l) perpendicular hexagonally packed cylindrical phase (C2), (m) sphere-cylinder transition phase (S-C), (n) hexagonal pores (HF), and (o) irregular lamellar phase (LAMi). Morphologies in (n) and (o) are enlarged by two times along x- and y-directions.

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