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Figure 1

From: Self-organizing nanodot structures on InP surfaces evolving under low-energy ion irradiation: analysis of morphology and composition

Figure 1

AFM topographic images of InP surfaces bombarded by 1.9 keV Ar+ions at normal incidence and an ion flux f= 1.5 × 1014cm−2s−1with fluences of (a) 0.5, (b) 1, (c) 2, and (d) 3 × 1018ions cm−2. The size of the images is (5 × 5) μm2 and the height scale z is indicated. (e) Line profile across a selected part of the image shown in (b) displaying the cross sections of individual nanodots on the surface. (f) Normalized frequency distribution of the dot radius obtained for the image in (b).

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