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Figure 5

From: Crystallographic order and decomposition of [MnIII6CrIII]3+ single-molecule magnets deposited in submonolayers and monolayers on HOPG studied by means of molecular resolved atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Kelvin probe force microscopy in UHV

Figure 5

Model of adsorption sites. (a) Adsorption sites of [MnIII 6 CrIII]3+ on HOPG. (b) [MnIII 6 CrIII]3+ adsorbs on HOPG with its methyl groups fitting exactly the shown sites forming an equilateral triangle. (c) Model of the lattice of [MnIII 6 CrIII]3+ on HOPG matching our data with respect to the angle and periods. The circles illustrate the molecule's size measured in crystal [30].

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