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Fig. 2

From: Three-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Nanohelix Arrays Fabricated by Oblique Angle Deposition: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications

Fig. 2

Various nanostructured thin films by OAD. Cross-sectional and top-view SEM images of various nanostructured films fabricated by OAD. Scale bar = 500 nm. a SnO2 zigzags, b TiO2 helixes, c Al vertical posts, and d WO3 helixes grown on ZnO pre-patterns by nanoimprint lithography. e Top-view SEM image of WO3 helixes grown on pre-patterned substrate. Inset shows top-view SEM image of pre-patterned ZnO by nanoimprint lithography. f WO3-SiO2-WO3 hetero-NHs

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