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Fig. 8

From: Three-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Nanohelix Arrays Fabricated by Oblique Angle Deposition: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications

Fig. 8

Photoelectrode applications. a Schematic description of light scattering and electron transport in a NH-nanoparticle (NP) photoanode. The magnified view shows an enhanced transport of electrons generated from dye molecules, through the infiltrated TiO2 NPs followed by a TiO2 NH [21]. b J-V curves for the DSSCs with various photoanodes [21]. c Schematic drawings of bulk heterojunction (BHJ) solar cells with a typical planar photoanode and an ITO NH photoanode [23]. d J-V curves of BHJ solar cells with typical planar photoanode and with ITO NH photoanode [23]. e Schematic drawings of PEC cells with WO3 NH electrode [24]. f J-V curves of PEC cells with photoanodes of helical WO3, WO3/(W, Mo)-BiVO4, and WO3/(W, Mo)-BiVO4/FeOOH/NiOOH [24]

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