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Table 2 Parameter values and properties of the materials used in this work. Note that ρ is density, η is dynamic viscosity, and χ is magnetic susceptibility,

From: Capture Efficiency of Biocompatible Magnetic Nanoparticles in Arterial Flow: A Computer Simulation for Magnetic Drug Targeting

Materials Properties Value Unit
Blood ρ b 1060 kg/m3
  η b 0.0035 kg/(m.s)
  χ b −6.6×10−7 -
Fe3O4 χ 3.1 -
  ρ 5230 kg/m3
Fe2O3 χ 2.5 -
  ρ 4890 kg/m3
Fe χ 3.9 -
  ρ 7760 kg/m3