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Fig. 13

From: Inorganic Solar Cells Based on Electrospun ZnO Nanofibrous Networks and Electrodeposited Cu2O

Fig. 13

(Color online) a Example of Nyquist plots of ZnO-NFs/Cu2O device (20 min) as a function of bias voltages in the dark. b Nyquist plots of ZnO-NFs/Cu2O device with different growth time of Cu2O layer measured at the bias voltage of −0.3 V (close to V oc) in the dark. Data fits to impedance spectra are indicated by solid lines. c Recombination resistance of the ZnO-NFs/Cu2O devices obtained from b as a function of the growth time for Cu2O layer. d Simplified equivalent circuit employed to fit the Nyquist plots. Solid lines in a and b are the fittings of the experimental data using the model in d

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