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Fig. 1

From: Temperature-Dependent Nanofabrication on Silicon by Friction-Induced Selective Etching

Fig. 1

AFM images of the hillocks produced by friction-induced etching under different temperatures. a Images of hillocks produced from the scratched area at 0, 25, 40, and 50 °C with the etching time of 5 to 40 min. The surface after etching at 50 °C for 40 min is too rough to be scanned by AFM. b Images of the scratched lines after etching at 60 and 80 °C with the etching time from 5 to 15 min. After etching at 50 °C for 25 min, the hillock is completely collapsed, and no obvious pileup can be detected from the scratched area (Fig. 1a). Similar results have been found for 15-min etching at 60 and 80 °C (Fig. 1b)

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