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Table 1 The conditions of the supercritical gasification of lignite aqueous suspension

From: Supercritical Water as Nanomedium for Gasification of Lignite-Water Suspension

Parameter Supercritical gasification [7, 8] Facility scheme
Raw Lignite (30 %, mass)
Water (70 %, mass)
Conditions Temperature, °С 330–450
Pressure, MPа 24–30
Catalysts NaOH, Ca(OH)2, NiO-MoO3-Al2O3 (ANM)
Medium Supercritical fluid
Products Gaseous phase Н2, СО2,СН4, С х Н y , N2, О2 1—feedstock reservoirs; 2—level meter; 3—high pressure pump; 4—back valve; 5—manometers; 6—reactor; 7—condenser; 8—pressure regulator; 9—separator; 10—gas meter; 11—reservoir for liquid and solids
Other products Liquids: organics + water soluble compounds (oxygenates and inorganics)