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Table 1 Photovoltaic parameters of both the reference and modified MAPbI3 − x Cl x -based perovskite solar cells

From: Efficiency Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells by Pumping Away the Solvent of Precursor Film Before Annealing

Solar cells J sc (mA/cm2) V oc (V) FF (%) R s (Ω cm2) R sh (Ω cm2) PCE (%)
Reference 17.78 0.89 0.67 33.71 2379.16 10.61
Modified 19.37 0.91 0.71 23.51 2921.82 12.59
  1. All the photovoltaic parameters are the average of 12 devices. Series resistance (R s) and shunt resistance (R sh) were extrapolated from the slopes of J-V curves at the open-circuit and short circuit conditions